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User Guide



We have set up our user friendly guide to help you quickly find the business or service requested. There are three basis steps. After you learn these simple steps, finding what you want will take only a few seconds once you enter the directory.

Step 1. After clicking the directory link, select the State you are looking to find the business or service.

Ex: Virginia, this will take you to the Virginia directory.

Step 2. The A-Z Business Services will appear. Choose the alphabet category for that business. You will have the option of either scrolling all the catagories or type in the letter the business starts with.

Ex: Bakery would be under B. Type in the letter B and the B category services will appear which will include bakeries. You then click on the Bakery link, all the Bakery web-sites listed in that State will appear. You will then be able to select the bakery that best suits your needs.

Remember, you can stay in the bakery menu and choose another bakery by clinking on the back browser button and making another selection. Also once in the directory, you can always go to the bottom of the page and choose another catagory or service you seek, without having to leave the main directory.

Most web-sites beside featuring their product, will have their location, phone number, e-mail address and possibly directions to their business.

Step 3. Now you can begin using ASYW's Directory